Tuesday, April 9, 2013

2 months left!

Another month has passed...blogging just isn't my thing apparently. At least not during the school year ;)

31 Weeks:
And today, apparently he doubled in size overnight...
32 weeks (8 left!)

Yeay school bathroom mirror shot ;)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013: 32 weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss: +15, doctor seems ok and by reading random books this is all amniotic fluid, baby, boobs, and uterus. Not too bad, I suppose, but I think the regular soda hasn't helped. I'm trying to stop drinking it but I just like the bubbles so much!

Maternity Clothes: Yeah, have to do the stretchy pants. A lot of my regular shirts still work though. However, he seems huge today so I don't know know long this will last. My jacket is def on it's way out. Good thing it's getting warm. And, bending over to tie my shoes is ridiculous so it will be nice to switch to sandals as much as possible.
Best Moment this week: I got a ton of sewing done this weekend and when I push on my stomach I can feel shape, he's getting big.

Gender: Still a boy. Counting on that 100%

Movement: all the time now. Much more often. Some of them feel stronger but nothing like I've heard people complain about kicks to the ribs. Maybe its the head down position? Most movements are low, like punches.

Food Cravings: Panda Express, Cherry Sprite, soda. Nothing healthy :(

Food Aversions: Eggs still. Scrambled egg breakfast sandwiches just never sounds good now. I might have had too much pizza cause it just wasn't appealing the last few days at all.

What I miss: Ibuprofen.Sleeping without waking up.

Sleep: wake up every three hours. The bathroom still feels like a second home.

What I am looking forward to: Baby shower this weekend in Overton. Yeay mini-vacation from Kingman :)
Belly Button: skin is tight but it still looks like a belly button.I can pull up a little and it gets all funky. Good thing for a little gut left that keeps it lookin' normal.

More pictures....
The 3D ultrasound didn't turn out so awesome. I just loved seeing him and his little heart and bones but mom was not impressed that we couldn't get a good face shot ;) He is head down and facing my back...and wouldn't move his hand from his face and the cord was everywhere. We went back a week later and he hadn't changed at all. This is the best we'll get until June!

 Oh, and I'm Gestational Diabetes free! ;)

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