Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sorry dude.

Oh, and if anyone reads this, sorry about my blog design. I HATE reading white text on a black background. All I see for the next five minutes are black and white stripes in my vision...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Break!

Well, it's Spring Break for me. Whoooo! Unfortunately, I am not going to relax in an exotic location. Oh no, I'll be in sunny St.George. Fun for some, life for me ;) Instead, I have a list of  To Do's:

Clean out clothes, donate
Clear out and donate all sorts of junk
Wash blanket on bed, put away flannel and get out lighter one

Get Kedzie's license renewed
Get Kedzie insurance
Get tires rotated
Safety Inspection (I miss Nevada especially at times like this one!)
Renew registration

Finish crocheting scarf/hood (it looks like an Ewok hat. Hahahaha.)
Sew crochet hook cases, try to sell
Hem/Lengthen/Mend sewing pile
Make curtain for front door
Start Mario crochet blanket

Buy black robe at DI for graduation
Make ePortfolio
Type and assemble TWS

Make Money:
Paint various furniture pieces
Post and sell Rhino

Hmmm... Well, it's Wednesday of Spring Break and I've finished the really important one. You know, the one that could wait until May ;) Maybe I should get started on those two that determine if I need the tacky black robe or not...

In other news, check out what I made yesterday with Dar and Shareen!

Awesome. They get fired this week and then I can see it complete. (And hopefully not ugly...)
It should be dark purple and turquoise with yellow stars. I hope it turns out how I'm imagining, but I think it's a darker purple than I wanted. Oh well, still cool. And I HAD to add a skull to the inside, I couldn't leave it blank ;) We'll see...

And, Samurai 21 is my new favorite restaurant. Oh, the beef teriyaki and noodles and california roll combo. Best teriyaki beef of. my. life.!