Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Nothing too exciting today. I crocheted half of an earwarmer out of thick, dark purple yarn. It will be soooo cozy! It took me all of watching The Town to get it done... I'll get faster though, I think.
Axel pretended to be Cornholio:
For comparison, and those not familiar with "Cornholio" :

Good things Today:
1. I rode my bike to the library. 2 bike rides in 3 days. I'm on a roll!
2. Made my own "Bobbie" at home. Mmmm (turkey, stuffing, mayo, and cranberry sauce)
3. Made it through another night of class. Blahhhhhhhh.
4. I meet my student teaching mentor teacher tomorrow.
5. I have an eye doctor appointment Friday. Yeay, new contacts!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Good Things

I found a blog today with a list called Best of My Days. The author made a page for every month and you write what was great that day. In this not-so-great period of my life I thought it would be a great idea to try. I remember starting a journal in 2002 that listed the 5 best things that happened every day, even if it wasn't a very great day. It was in a Harry Potter journal that had a book light included in it! Cody bought it for me for Christmas of 2001, probably from The Wiz. It was our first Christmas as "adults" and we had a great party in his grungy-cozy basement apartment with the huuuuuge tree we bought in a lot next to that white/tall/skinny furniture store and pawn shop with the Indian in Cedar and packed it into the trunk of my little Focus and drove across town and drug into his basement :) Gary, Regina, Tyler, Rachel, and Shayla were there along with Cody and I. And fetus-form Devon and Sadie.
Ah, I wish I was 18 again and could start all over :)
Annnnnnnnnnyway, back to the  journal. I remember really having to think somedays to come up with 5 entries, while other days had 10 or 12 great things. So, I want to start doing it again now.
Here's to a 2011 that has positivity every day!

January 10:
1. I slept in and didn't even wake up with a sore back! (I'm 28 now and almost falling apart!)
2. I ate toast with strawberry freezer jam on the back patio. Yeay for not being frigid!
3. I rode my bike to and from school. My thighs are still sore but at least its a start!
4. I applied for graduation! A Bachelors degree no less. Eagerly awaiting May 6, 2011.
5. I got to talk to Cody, always nice.