Friday, July 15, 2011


I forgot about these... I made them to send out to say Hi before school starts. Yep, the date was wrong. Thursday is the 11th. Blast. It was only $3 for all of them anyway, and I can probably fix it easy enough with a marker... I fixed it here through Paint ;) Oh, honestly!
But, they're still cute and I would love to get a postcard like this before school starts! Hopefully it helps them get excited and feel better about starting a new year...

More class stuff

I ran out of black vinyl! I want to cut out numbers for their mailboxes and desks and a quote or two for the wall and some stuff for our library but all I have is white or silver.  I can't find anything in Kingman buuttttt, I found some red at a decent price online at Hobby Lobby. Phew. Back to cutting soon! (The silhouette website sells the vinyl for the same price but have double the shipping! I hate finding a good deal only to have it ruined with shipping!)
I made an attendance board. This way, they move their clothespin to school or home lunch when they get to school. If there are any pins left on "attendance," I know how many and who is absent instantly. I won't have class names until about the week before, and even then I should wait another week or so after school starts before I make anything too permanent. But, it's a start. I'm done buying stuff, so I had to make do with the paper i have. not very pirate-y but still cute :)

And today, I taped out my rug. The nice ones are about $450 so I had to make do with a $20 rug and $8 duct tape. Not too bad. Hopefully not too crowded. It's a 6x8 rug, biggest I could find for cheap. Oh well, its still a meeting place with assigned areas!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I've been posting pictures of projects for my classroom on Facebook as I go. I figured it might be more useful? appropriate? something... here. So far, I have:
Customized an alphabet chart:

Bought my fabric to make curtains and bulletin board background:

Made signs for all my centers... They look like treasure maps! Pirate stuff is such a great theme! :)
I have big plans fore the rest of it too.
I got a free dresser today. I have some yellow-ish paint. I think I'll paint it yellow, black, and white and use it for storing things. I don't have many cabinets and I don't want it all just hanging out and ugly.
I'm making a rug too. I loved having one for reading and meeting times. I found a big cheap black area rug at Lowe's and am going to try painting a grid on it. If that fails I want to use the cute Duct Tape to make it... We'll see. I got my classroom keys yesterday so it's on!