Friday, December 31, 2010

Things I Love Today

I had so much fun shopping today! My paycheck actually had three digits, and I had some left after paying my car insurance :)
Walmart and Target had christmas stuff down to 75% off. Yeay! I got:
A wax melter for $3.50 at walmart (so excited for it. My light bulb burned out on my overhead melter and costs $8 new.

$14 of Jack Daniels coffee at Target for Kedzie for $3.50 (Hahaha. Must be my lucky amount today)
Stockings for Bella and Axel for $1.24 each (And two coupons for 20 free prints each at Target inside each stocking)
Mini cookie cutters for $1.25 instead of $5
A new tree topper star since Kedzie broke my old one, $5 instead of $20

Christmas Catnip was also on sale at Target :)

Sets of 5 gift boxes for .75 instead of $3
The cutest minnie mouse cards for $1.25
So much fun to only spend around $20 and hear you saved $48 :)
I also got yarn on sale at Michaels... I'm learning to crochet tomorrow and I'm so excited! This is my first project:

(It's from HopandaSkip at Etsy)

Happy New Years! I'm staying home and not doing anything, I've never really done much for New Years anyway.

Things I love today?
Cafe Paris Salt City Wax Melt. mmmmmm, coffee-ish.
Saving money

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Uh, I finally finished my matchbox advent calendar...I did finish it christmas eve, at least it wasn't left partially in progress! It'll be great for next year :) I'm going to fill it with a scripture for each day and a coupon for something little, like to go get a coffee or see something at the $2 theater, etc. Good for grownups and kids :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Cookies

Well, the good thing is, people always like cookies. Since I seem to have stockpiled chocolate chips in my freezer and Walgreen's had a sale on canned pumpkin, I can make tons of presents for almost free. Yeay!

Day 1 of Christmas baking: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies. This recipe makes TONS. Grandma doesn't have any small recipes...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Illustrations good enough to eat

I love this website. I rarely make any of the recipes but I love the illustrations that go along with them!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A thought process turned narrative

At the beginning of October, we were assigned the task of writing a narrative. No more requirements than that, just a simple narrative that we would read to the class. These lax requirements mean that in the planning stages, it was any thing but simple. In the end, I wrote a paper about my thought process leading up to the creation of the said paper. The paper seems to hit the highlights of my college career. Enjoy.

edited to add updated version. I look at the paper too many times and just keep editing!

hahaha. Then I had to edit again because it was in dark blue ink and hard to read... I had to print it in dark blue 'cause I'm out of both black ink and money for more :) 

annnnnnnnnd once more to make it white instead of black. I'm totally going to bed now!

Thought Process
            I can’t remember how many times I’ve been asked this semester about what topic I am going to choose for my narrative. I never had an answer to give. Most assumed it was because I am one of the best procrastinators of the Red Cohort. Normally, this is true. However, this time I wasn’t avoiding the project. I thought about it well in advance but just couldn’t narrow down a specific topic. Having the choice of “anything” is a bigger limit to one’s thinking that you would imagine.
            Should I write it about my marriage? Most of the examples my table received to preview gushed about a young bride’s wedding and how it was the best moment of her life. Hmmm… My wedding was at least interesting. We decided July, 6th to go to Las Vegas on 07/07/07, didn’t tell anyone we were doing it and had another wedding in September so our family could pretend they saw us get married. Do I want to write about that in detail though? Kedzie wore a tuxedo print   t-shirt. I suppose that’s unique and interesting. Can I come up with a whole paper about it? At this point in time, I certainly don’t remember it as the happiest day of my life. Fun, yes, but blissful and everything I’d always dreamt of? Probably not. Looking back, I almost wish it didn’t even happen. I better not choose that. It would turn out far too jaded and cynical and scare the unmarried girls.
            Maybe I can talk about a body altering decision. I’ve had a few and am pretty sure no one else in this group will write about that. I could walk the class through my lip piercing. Or my nose piercing, that one was a bit more dramatic, what with the almost passing out afterwards details and all. I don’t know though. Is it too rebellious for the school district to get wind of? I better not put that in writing. My tattoos are cool, but all I remember is the vibrating, needle slicing, tooth chattering pain. And to think I sat through that twice! How about when I got fake boobs? Is that too much information to make the whole class squirm through uncomfortably while I read all about it? Joel told us about his vasectomy, so it might be okay... Blast! Decisions, decisions.
            What would my classmates expect to hear from me? Should I paint an exciting picture of the first time I encountered the swaggering Captain Jack Sparrow at Disneyland, or write a remembrance of watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Secret of the Ooze (starring Vanilla Ice!) in the old and decrepit movie theatre of my childhood back in Ely? Oh, Ely, where I fell in love with The New Kids on the Block in second grade. That reminds me that I need to buy tickets for their show this summer with The Backstreet Boys! Winnie, focus on the narrative! I’m definitely going to write about my childhood. Oh, but I can’t do that. That would be expected, and I can never do what is expected.
            I’ll write about Bella, my bi-polar cat. I know Kedzie always tells me that all cats are bi-polar, but really, who else has had the vet have to use one of those alligator noose things to get their cat out of the kennel after a surgery? No, I talk about Bella too much already. Maybe Axel? He is the happiest puppy ever but how sappy would that be?
            Let’s think about what in my life has been interesting. I’ve been in college for nine years and I’m not a doctor. Nope. That’s not interesting, just sad. Two years at SUU, then down to UNLV to take advantage of a scholarship. Once I realized UNLV was a terrible school I tried some drafting classes at the community college and was hooked. Finally, an Associate’s Degree! Now, if only houses were still designed by hand I might have stayed in the industry. Computer aided drafting and design may have revolutionized the construction industry but it also sent all the creativity and love out the window. Wait, brain, get back on track.
            No, a narrative about my college history would open up a whole can of worms and would have to lead to an explanation of getting married, moving to Manti and not being able to find anywhere construction related to work  in Sanpete County. Hello, telemarketing. Then I’d have to detail the whole application process to get accepted into the Utah State Extension teaching program, only to have my husband laid off and eventually lead into our move to St. George. Did I mention I was the one who had to drive four hours with Bella and Bruce Wayne the Beta fish? And that I had to work at Ross for a year and a half? Oh man, why can’t I just pick a topic already?
            So, I’ve made it to St. George in my thinking process. That means that I’ve browsed over nine years of events in my head and haven’t been able to settle. That’s just how my brain works. I think out of the box, create wildly imaginative projects and never believe I cannot do something. I dream in color and never expect to create something less than unique. I want it all, yet can’t decide where to start. I think of a million different beginnings but can’t ever pinpoint the end. So, at the end of the day (or last thing the night before), I’ll put those thoughts to paper in a slightly more organized manner than they are in my head and call it a narrative. Welcome to my thought process.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Countdown!

I'm working on a budget of about $2 this month so Christmas crafts aren't looking hopeful... However, I saw a way cute one that is super cheap. I am working on this...

But so far, all I have is this:
The 800 matches you have after emptying 25 boxes of 32 matches each.
Looks like I'll be lighting a looooooot of candles in the future.

The good thing is, I spent $4 for this whole project.
$1 for the cookie sheet at Dollar Tree
$3 for the matchboxes ($1 for a pack of 10) at Dollar Tree
 and, I had all the paper from Christmases past
I might have to spend another dollar 'cause I'm thinking of spray painting the cookiesheet. But even then, $5 for such a cute countdown is awesome.

I won't be able to fit candy in, but I'm thinking of making little coupon sort of things instead of lots of junk in our stockings. Things like 1 soda, 1 movie at the $2 theatre, etc...

Yeay for fun projects instead of doing homework! :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

cabbage rolls

On tonight's menu:
Cabbage Rolls. or Porcupine Eggs, I think that's what dad calls them for some reason... Last time I made them the cabbage wouldn't stay on. Let's see if it works better tonight, I hate having to put toothpicks in and then search for them before we eat.

Nevermind. I just looked up the recipe and it takes two hours to bake. I'll be at work in two hours. Looks like they'll be in the crockpot tomorrow.

Rolled up and waiting in the fridge. It's going to stiiiiiiiiiiink at my house tomorrow....

Also, I LOVE the weather right now. It's all dark and grey and gloomy. The leaves fell off the trees all over town this weekend. Feels and looks like winter but without the subzero temps of up north :)

Time to type another paper or two before B&BWorks...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving "Vacation"

Thanksgiving 2010:
Kedzie, Axel and I headed to Overton. I always feel so bad leaving Bella at home but she's just so unpleasant when we get anywhere... We got to see Rhonda and Ellie, and Lance, Johnna, Jalayne, Bryant and Amber. It was such a nice change from the day to day blahness of St. George. Kedzie hung out with Bryant and got to know him better, looks like we'll be heading to Albuquerque next time we're up for a roadtrip :)
We headed home Thursday night so I could be up bright and early for Black Friday. Nope, not shopping. I have zero dollars. I got to work at B&BWorks @ 6am, followed up with TCPlace at 4. That place was a freaking nightmare. I left at 12:30 and the place still wasn't closed. Exhausting. Now I just wait for more shifts... So much for rent money, I work two days a week :(

No more complaining. Positive points today:
1. I got Kedzie's christmas present 50% off at ACE.
2. I got an awesome new Cranberry Woods candle.
3. I made peanut butter cupcakes.
4. Weeds on Netflix :)
5. I can sleep in tomorrow (kind of) before tons of homework and work at 6pm.

No corresponding pic, but here's my favorite of Axel.

Oh man. You'd think I could post once in a while considering the amount of time I spend on the computer avoiding homework...
I did this about 2 years ago (or 6 posts... so lame!) and thought it looked fun again.

The Questions:

1. What is your first name? Brittany

2. What is your favorite food? Robertos Chicken Rolled Tacos!

3. What high school did you go to? Moapa Valley

4. What is your favorite color? sparkly black or purple. Always sparkles :)

5. Who is your celebrity crush? Robert Downey Jr.

6. Favorite drink? vanilla iced coffee

7. Dream vacation? European Tour

8. Favorite dessert? banana cream pie

9. What you want to be when you grow up? a mom

10. What do you love most in life? imagination

11. One Word to describe you. Creative

12. Your flickr name: scarsaresexy

For bonus points… put “sign” behind your answer. Oh this was fun. Good laughs. Gahead… go beyond the first page.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cabinet Re-do

I've been wanting to re-do a cabinet in the pretty blue and glaze. (And to have an active blog ;) )
I finally found a cheap cabinet with lots of detail at DI for $10 and got to work...
Here it is in all of it's dark, ugly glory:

And primed...

Here it is bright blue and waiting for glaze...

One drawer glazed and one plain blue:

Drawers done:

Kedzie helped... :(

And done!

I love it so much and can't wait to live somewhere it can be front and center of attention instead of being stuck in a corner!