Thursday, December 1, 2011


Uhhh, it's really been three months since I've posted? Holy toledo. The kids are crazy noisy and I come home exhausted. That's my excuse.
Onto better news, Oct. 7 I got to see Blink again for the first time in years and let me say, Best. Concert. Ever!!!! This was freakin amazing and I went with a guy who was just as into them as I was, so awesome. (he was our temporary roommate) Cody went too...but that's another story.
Annnnnnnnyway, here's our show! I love watching it and remembering! Blink makes me SOOOOOOOO happy.


ugh. why won't it post?

Sunday, August 21, 2011


I made it through the first full week of school...and got sick about 2 hours after I got home Friday! These kids are killin' me! We've got to figure out how be quiet. Then maybe we can do some fun stuff. Tomorrow will be the day we figure out how to be quiet, cause I sure can't yell. All I can do is cough at this point.
It's been good overall, just figuring everything out. I'm on a school behavior committee because I went to a meeting before school started ;) Oh well, it's good to hear what's going on and get hours in for extra money. I'd also like to do an art club. They have music and drama but no art. Tutoring and clubs start after Labor Day so we'll see what happens. For now, I just want to go to bed and hope I feel better tomorrow!

Friday, July 15, 2011


I forgot about these... I made them to send out to say Hi before school starts. Yep, the date was wrong. Thursday is the 11th. Blast. It was only $3 for all of them anyway, and I can probably fix it easy enough with a marker... I fixed it here through Paint ;) Oh, honestly!
But, they're still cute and I would love to get a postcard like this before school starts! Hopefully it helps them get excited and feel better about starting a new year...

More class stuff

I ran out of black vinyl! I want to cut out numbers for their mailboxes and desks and a quote or two for the wall and some stuff for our library but all I have is white or silver.  I can't find anything in Kingman buuttttt, I found some red at a decent price online at Hobby Lobby. Phew. Back to cutting soon! (The silhouette website sells the vinyl for the same price but have double the shipping! I hate finding a good deal only to have it ruined with shipping!)
I made an attendance board. This way, they move their clothespin to school or home lunch when they get to school. If there are any pins left on "attendance," I know how many and who is absent instantly. I won't have class names until about the week before, and even then I should wait another week or so after school starts before I make anything too permanent. But, it's a start. I'm done buying stuff, so I had to make do with the paper i have. not very pirate-y but still cute :)

And today, I taped out my rug. The nice ones are about $450 so I had to make do with a $20 rug and $8 duct tape. Not too bad. Hopefully not too crowded. It's a 6x8 rug, biggest I could find for cheap. Oh well, its still a meeting place with assigned areas!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I've been posting pictures of projects for my classroom on Facebook as I go. I figured it might be more useful? appropriate? something... here. So far, I have:
Customized an alphabet chart:

Bought my fabric to make curtains and bulletin board background:

Made signs for all my centers... They look like treasure maps! Pirate stuff is such a great theme! :)
I have big plans fore the rest of it too.
I got a free dresser today. I have some yellow-ish paint. I think I'll paint it yellow, black, and white and use it for storing things. I don't have many cabinets and I don't want it all just hanging out and ugly.
I'm making a rug too. I loved having one for reading and meeting times. I found a big cheap black area rug at Lowe's and am going to try painting a grid on it. If that fails I want to use the cute Duct Tape to make it... We'll see. I got my classroom keys yesterday so it's on!

Friday, May 20, 2011

I'm a teacher!

I got a job! I get to teach 2nd grade at Cerbat Elementary in Kingman, AZ. I'm sooooooooooooo happy that I didn't have to wait until August to find a job the week before school started. We're checking out rentals now and hopefully will be down there by mid-june.
Now it's time to start worrying about being in charge of 25 seven year olds and decorating a classroom and collecting supplies.... Ahhhh....!!!!!
Tacky to use a proof? Maybe. But, I did buy a copy to put in a frame with my tassel so I don't feel bad...

Monday, May 9, 2011

I AM still alive...

Whoa? April 6 was my last post? Well, April was a buuuuuuussssssssyyyyyyyyy month, folks! It was my LAST month of college! In that time, I had to make this e-portfolio (that no school district will take the time to review...) and a huge Teacher Work Sample to prove I learned stuff. Apparently, surviving Student Teaching (also going on during this time) wasn't enough.
I made it through April and did this on Friday:

Yeay! :)

Now I have some spare time since I'm not getting any interview callbacks, so I want to add some recipes to this little blog. At least, links to recipes I want to try. This might make me actually try them and not just bookmark them. We shall see...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

E-portfolio. Another hoop sucessfully jumped through.

My e-portfolio is DONE. That means I have one huge project left to put together and I am DONE! May 6th is graduation and I cannot wait! I've been in school waaaaaayyyyyyyy too long.
I present my e-portfolio next Monday. I love it but I'm worried the judging panel of old professors will vote it's unprofessional. I say it's just not stuffy and boring. Elementary teachers need color and a little bit of fun! Come on!

*Ok, I didn't mean old professors. Just previous professors... See kids, word choice is MUY Importante!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sorry dude.

Oh, and if anyone reads this, sorry about my blog design. I HATE reading white text on a black background. All I see for the next five minutes are black and white stripes in my vision...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Break!

Well, it's Spring Break for me. Whoooo! Unfortunately, I am not going to relax in an exotic location. Oh no, I'll be in sunny St.George. Fun for some, life for me ;) Instead, I have a list of  To Do's:

Clean out clothes, donate
Clear out and donate all sorts of junk
Wash blanket on bed, put away flannel and get out lighter one

Get Kedzie's license renewed
Get Kedzie insurance
Get tires rotated
Safety Inspection (I miss Nevada especially at times like this one!)
Renew registration

Finish crocheting scarf/hood (it looks like an Ewok hat. Hahahaha.)
Sew crochet hook cases, try to sell
Hem/Lengthen/Mend sewing pile
Make curtain for front door
Start Mario crochet blanket

Buy black robe at DI for graduation
Make ePortfolio
Type and assemble TWS

Make Money:
Paint various furniture pieces
Post and sell Rhino

Hmmm... Well, it's Wednesday of Spring Break and I've finished the really important one. You know, the one that could wait until May ;) Maybe I should get started on those two that determine if I need the tacky black robe or not...

In other news, check out what I made yesterday with Dar and Shareen!

Awesome. They get fired this week and then I can see it complete. (And hopefully not ugly...)
It should be dark purple and turquoise with yellow stars. I hope it turns out how I'm imagining, but I think it's a darker purple than I wanted. Oh well, still cool. And I HAD to add a skull to the inside, I couldn't leave it blank ;) We'll see...

And, Samurai 21 is my new favorite restaurant. Oh, the beef teriyaki and noodles and california roll combo. Best teriyaki beef of. my. life.!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Face in Space!

I"ve started student teaching... the reason nothing has happened on the blog in the last month! Anyway, we've been doing a moon unit and I just found two links to send your picture into space or your name to Mars!

Want to go to space?
Send your face on a mission tomorrow! :
Or your name on a microchip to Mars:

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Nothing too exciting today. I crocheted half of an earwarmer out of thick, dark purple yarn. It will be soooo cozy! It took me all of watching The Town to get it done... I'll get faster though, I think.
Axel pretended to be Cornholio:
For comparison, and those not familiar with "Cornholio" :

Good things Today:
1. I rode my bike to the library. 2 bike rides in 3 days. I'm on a roll!
2. Made my own "Bobbie" at home. Mmmm (turkey, stuffing, mayo, and cranberry sauce)
3. Made it through another night of class. Blahhhhhhhh.
4. I meet my student teaching mentor teacher tomorrow.
5. I have an eye doctor appointment Friday. Yeay, new contacts!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Good Things

I found a blog today with a list called Best of My Days. The author made a page for every month and you write what was great that day. In this not-so-great period of my life I thought it would be a great idea to try. I remember starting a journal in 2002 that listed the 5 best things that happened every day, even if it wasn't a very great day. It was in a Harry Potter journal that had a book light included in it! Cody bought it for me for Christmas of 2001, probably from The Wiz. It was our first Christmas as "adults" and we had a great party in his grungy-cozy basement apartment with the huuuuuge tree we bought in a lot next to that white/tall/skinny furniture store and pawn shop with the Indian in Cedar and packed it into the trunk of my little Focus and drove across town and drug into his basement :) Gary, Regina, Tyler, Rachel, and Shayla were there along with Cody and I. And fetus-form Devon and Sadie.
Ah, I wish I was 18 again and could start all over :)
Annnnnnnnnnyway, back to the  journal. I remember really having to think somedays to come up with 5 entries, while other days had 10 or 12 great things. So, I want to start doing it again now.
Here's to a 2011 that has positivity every day!

January 10:
1. I slept in and didn't even wake up with a sore back! (I'm 28 now and almost falling apart!)
2. I ate toast with strawberry freezer jam on the back patio. Yeay for not being frigid!
3. I rode my bike to and from school. My thighs are still sore but at least its a start!
4. I applied for graduation! A Bachelors degree no less. Eagerly awaiting May 6, 2011.
5. I got to talk to Cody, always nice.