Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Good Things

I found a blog today with a list called Best of My Days. The author made a page for every month and you write what was great that day. In this not-so-great period of my life I thought it would be a great idea to try. I remember starting a journal in 2002 that listed the 5 best things that happened every day, even if it wasn't a very great day. It was in a Harry Potter journal that had a book light included in it! Cody bought it for me for Christmas of 2001, probably from The Wiz. It was our first Christmas as "adults" and we had a great party in his grungy-cozy basement apartment with the huuuuuge tree we bought in a lot next to that white/tall/skinny furniture store and pawn shop with the Indian in Cedar and packed it into the trunk of my little Focus and drove across town and drug into his basement :) Gary, Regina, Tyler, Rachel, and Shayla were there along with Cody and I. And fetus-form Devon and Sadie.
Ah, I wish I was 18 again and could start all over :)
Annnnnnnnnnyway, back to the  journal. I remember really having to think somedays to come up with 5 entries, while other days had 10 or 12 great things. So, I want to start doing it again now.
Here's to a 2011 that has positivity every day!

January 10:
1. I slept in and didn't even wake up with a sore back! (I'm 28 now and almost falling apart!)
2. I ate toast with strawberry freezer jam on the back patio. Yeay for not being frigid!
3. I rode my bike to and from school. My thighs are still sore but at least its a start!
4. I applied for graduation! A Bachelors degree no less. Eagerly awaiting May 6, 2011.
5. I got to talk to Cody, always nice.

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