Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I've been posting pictures of projects for my classroom on Facebook as I go. I figured it might be more useful? appropriate? something... here. So far, I have:
Customized an alphabet chart:

Bought my fabric to make curtains and bulletin board background:

Made signs for all my centers... They look like treasure maps! Pirate stuff is such a great theme! :)
I have big plans fore the rest of it too.
I got a free dresser today. I have some yellow-ish paint. I think I'll paint it yellow, black, and white and use it for storing things. I don't have many cabinets and I don't want it all just hanging out and ugly.
I'm making a rug too. I loved having one for reading and meeting times. I found a big cheap black area rug at Lowe's and am going to try painting a grid on it. If that fails I want to use the cute Duct Tape to make it... We'll see. I got my classroom keys yesterday so it's on!

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