Friday, December 31, 2010

Things I Love Today

I had so much fun shopping today! My paycheck actually had three digits, and I had some left after paying my car insurance :)
Walmart and Target had christmas stuff down to 75% off. Yeay! I got:
A wax melter for $3.50 at walmart (so excited for it. My light bulb burned out on my overhead melter and costs $8 new.

$14 of Jack Daniels coffee at Target for Kedzie for $3.50 (Hahaha. Must be my lucky amount today)
Stockings for Bella and Axel for $1.24 each (And two coupons for 20 free prints each at Target inside each stocking)
Mini cookie cutters for $1.25 instead of $5
A new tree topper star since Kedzie broke my old one, $5 instead of $20

Christmas Catnip was also on sale at Target :)

Sets of 5 gift boxes for .75 instead of $3
The cutest minnie mouse cards for $1.25
So much fun to only spend around $20 and hear you saved $48 :)
I also got yarn on sale at Michaels... I'm learning to crochet tomorrow and I'm so excited! This is my first project:

(It's from HopandaSkip at Etsy)

Happy New Years! I'm staying home and not doing anything, I've never really done much for New Years anyway.

Things I love today?
Cafe Paris Salt City Wax Melt. mmmmmm, coffee-ish.
Saving money

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