Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Countdown!

I'm working on a budget of about $2 this month so Christmas crafts aren't looking hopeful... However, I saw a way cute one that is super cheap. I am working on this...

But so far, all I have is this:
The 800 matches you have after emptying 25 boxes of 32 matches each.
Looks like I'll be lighting a looooooot of candles in the future.

The good thing is, I spent $4 for this whole project.
$1 for the cookie sheet at Dollar Tree
$3 for the matchboxes ($1 for a pack of 10) at Dollar Tree
 and, I had all the paper from Christmases past
I might have to spend another dollar 'cause I'm thinking of spray painting the cookiesheet. But even then, $5 for such a cute countdown is awesome.

I won't be able to fit candy in, but I'm thinking of making little coupon sort of things instead of lots of junk in our stockings. Things like 1 soda, 1 movie at the $2 theatre, etc...

Yeay for fun projects instead of doing homework! :)

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