Sunday, November 28, 2010

cabbage rolls

On tonight's menu:
Cabbage Rolls. or Porcupine Eggs, I think that's what dad calls them for some reason... Last time I made them the cabbage wouldn't stay on. Let's see if it works better tonight, I hate having to put toothpicks in and then search for them before we eat.

Nevermind. I just looked up the recipe and it takes two hours to bake. I'll be at work in two hours. Looks like they'll be in the crockpot tomorrow.

Rolled up and waiting in the fridge. It's going to stiiiiiiiiiiink at my house tomorrow....

Also, I LOVE the weather right now. It's all dark and grey and gloomy. The leaves fell off the trees all over town this weekend. Feels and looks like winter but without the subzero temps of up north :)

Time to type another paper or two before B&BWorks...

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